IT Deployment & Support Services in Singapore

Maintaining and deploying IT hardware, network and software is indeed a hassle for a business operation to run smoothly and improve overall productivity. With Techfount Systems as your IT partners, we can ensure that your IT infrastructure works just right with around the clock tech support.

Techfount System offers a carefully tailored IT deployment and support service for your business needs.

Are you in the need of reliable IT deployment services in Singapore? TechFount Systems is your go-to place where your needs for reliable IT deployment services are accomplished. Backed by professional solutions, our technical support ensures smooth functioning of your business. We focus on providing reliable IT support and make sure our technical experts are available round-the-clock to help you out. With rich experience in the field, we strive to bring tailored IT deployment solutions for all your troubles.


Your endpoints are only as powerful as the network that supports them. Network Deployment and roll out is one of the challenging tasks for any organization with several stakeholders. Techfount Systems manage all aspects of your network deployment to deliver secure, agile equipment to every business location, including employees working from home.

The backbone of every business is a complex network infrastructure that provides secure connectivity to your entire organization.



Install software packager or applications to ensure that operating processes remain intact and your work environment is productive. The goal of software support and deployment is fast - automated, convenient, and error-free initial installation, configuration, and maintenance of multiple software application configurations, and maintenance of multiple software applications on various devices with an organization.


You don't have to worry about hardware devices and their installation process. Techfount System certified network engineers provide comprehensive hardware deployment and support services. We offer a full range of hardware solutions, providing our customers the technical expertise in assessing, recommending, sourcing, procuring, delivering and installing on-premise or cloud-oriented hardware needs.

IT Deployment Services in Singapore

IT Deployment & Support Services

Techfount specialists have deployed millions of dollars worth of network, software, and hardware
equipment over the years.


  • Core network design
  • Maintenance of switches, routers, bridges,
  • Network troubleshooting, traffic analysis
  • WiFi networks, optimizing of WiFi Servers
  • Windows/Linux/macOS servers deployment
  • Hardware troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Performance optimization
  • Backup design
  • Backup design
  • Cloud computing AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba
  • Virtualization, KVM-qemu, VMWare, Citrix,
  • Hyper V, VirtualBox
  • Database management, MS SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • Containerization (docker), orchestration(k8s)
  • Email, web, File, application servers
  • Implementation


  • Software deployment
  • Windows, MacOS, Linus, Mobile
  • Applications support
  • Software maintenance and troubleshooting


  • Laptop/Desktops
  • IT peripherals